aka Steve Gordon Jr

Designer and Creative Consultant, Omaha

I am a designer, creative consultant and author, running the creative consultancy, RDQLUS CREATIVE. I’ve lived all over the map, but I’m proud to say I’m from Omaha, NE. I draw inspiration from living life, taking in as much stimuli from as many sources as possible.


Nike Air Presto: Passport


Drawing inspiration from my actual passport booklet; the deep navy cover, the rose & blue tinted ink on the pages, the nostalgia and class of dressing well for travel, mixed with the modern notion of style and comfort… let the journey begin.


Nike Air Presto: Clear Skies


Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the sky at dusk over an ocean, to the skies over the new destinations you seek, to the skies full of gradient blues and whites over aged & ancient stone—clear skies are always hoped for.


Nike Air Presto: Soirée


“Soirée” means “evening” in French, and—because of the things that happen at night—has also come to mean a high-end party in English… what perfect duality. Nightlife in a foreign land is every bit as you would imagine it; classy, rawkus, fun and exciting, with the relaxed inhibitions of being far from home… put on the best fit and break out the red bottoms.


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