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The Sneaker-Lab shop is currently closed. Look for our next collection to drop right here on Monday, August 28th. Interested in being a Sneaker-Lab designer? Learn more and sign up below.

How It Works

Get Inspired

The best sneakers have a story behind them that inspires people. We’ve had collections based on music, art, and social causes. Gather some images for inspiration and think about what you want your collection to say.

Saada Ahmed, Sneakerlab Designer

Sneakerlab designer Saada Ahmed is inspired by activists and all who fight for a better world. She decided to create a collection that celebrated all the movements she sees around her in New York.

Create Your Collection

Your sneaker collection is how you’ll tell your story. You can design just about anything and make it available for the world to buy and wear.

Choose Your Shoes

We’ve partnered with Nike to allow you to design using five of their most popular models.

Design Your Shoes

Use the design toolkit to select colors, patterns, materials and graphics and make your ideas come to life.

Wrap It Up

Add some background images that show where your ideas came from, and write the story of your shoe.

Saada used the Nike Air Force One for her iconic Black Power shoe due to its street roots and classic silhouette. She layered the colors of the civil rights era onto the shoe and added text to ensure that the message was clear.

Share Your Designs

We’ll build you a set of pages on Sneakerlab and take care of transactions, manufacturing and distribution, so you can concentrate on designing and promoting your collection through your preferred social channels.

Instagram is a great way to share and promote your collection. Saada’s following of NYC and global influencers gave her the perfect audience.

What You Get

Make Money

For every pair of shoes you sell through Sneakerlab, you’ll earn 15% of the total price. This averages to about $20 per shoe.

Amplify Your Story

Your collection is a canvas that lets you get your message out into the world in a new and powerful way.

Get Exposure

Grow your audience and build your social following by working with a great brand.

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