Shaina “touShai” Negron

Creative, New Jersey

Shaina Negron better known as touShai is a 23 year old New Jersey Creative. Inspired by life, touShai allows you to feel her perspective through her works.   


Nike Air Force 1 Low Essential: uNi


uNi is a shoe based on the New York/New Jersey street style. An everyday Air Force 1, worn by all ethnicities, made in black and yellow. Yellow to signify acquired knowledge and black to resemble the UNIfication of colors. We are all the same on the inside... we all have bones and organs. u N i can wear AF1s.


Nike Air Presto: Diliget Te


Diliget Te Air Presto are based on self love and comfort. Being comfortable in your own skin becomes hard in a world so judgmental. You are the creator of your reality. WALK with confidence. Love whoever you want to love. Loving yourself (Diliget Te) is the first STEP! 


Nike Cortez: 5oh


5oh are made to represent mass incarceration. Falsely convicted, wrongly accused. Justice is not always served. Stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone. STAND tall in 5oh.


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