Carol "Mong Linh" Nguyen

Graphic Designer and Artist, Washington DC

Carol "Mong Linh" Nguyen is a multifaceted artist located in the heart of Washington, D.C. She tells her story through graphic design, illustration, and photography.


Nike Air Max 90 Essential: Early Era


I wanted to exemplify the versatility of a blank canvas through the white leather. In the initial stages of my creative career, I strayed away from using bright colors as a focal point in my art. My pieces then were a direct reflection of my hesitancy towards portraying my "true colors." In the past, I often let people have their own visual image of who I was as a person and rather than exuding it for myself. The reflective 3M swoosh + volt green accents serve as a distinct metaphor portraying a hint of the eccentric traits that lie beneath the surface of me.


Nike Air Presto: Mama Neutrals


A style I will always come home to. My sister would call me "Mama Neutrals" due to how often my fashion choices would reflect the same colors encountered everyday walking to school under the sweltering sun that I've grown to love. From the distinct lush green palm trees surrounding our home in Florida, to the mangoes that sprinkled the grass when they fell, this design encompasses all things comfort and home.


Nike Air Max 95: For Your Eyes Only


These classic 95s are named after one of my favorite self portraits. Painted in a light that oozes the kind of confidence that demands attention and strikes curiosity; the red palette is bold and fearless.


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