Megan Ann Wilson

Designer and Stylist - Toronto, Canada

My name is Megan Ann Wilson aka @shegotgame and I’m a Canadian designer and stylist. My inspiration comes from the intersection of athletics and aesthetics. My clientele includes professional athletes, NBA teams as well as brands like Nike, Jordan and Reebok. I’m currently appearing on YouTube Originals’ “Lace Up: The Ultimate Sneaker Challenge”, a design reality competition show, produced in collaboration with Pensole Footwear Academy and adidas. I’m launching a sportswear collection soon.

The “shegotgame Phoenix” capsule collection is inspired by the phoenix as it burns brightly before turning to ash and being reborn. As an entrepreneur, I often feel that my career is in a constant state of renewal, from 2017 to 2018. The phoenix represents passion, purpose and progress to me - passion in chasing my dreams, purpose in finding my path and progress in constantly evolving and growing. I’ve been able to turn my dreams into reality in 2018, so I’m donating 10% of my sales to the ACLU to help other dreamers rise up and achieve.


Nike Air Presto: Progress


The Presto “Progress” is inspired by the rebirth of the phoenix, rising from the ashes and the renewal of energy. The cream symbolizes a new beginning but also the perfectionism entrepreneurs need to overcome to move forward. The red is the phoenix becoming stronger. I picked the Presto as it was engineered for the wearer’s foot to take control of the shoe— and in life we need to take control and push the limits to progress - like the phoenix.


Nike Air Max 95: Passion


The Air Max 95 “Passion” is inspired by the phoenix at its most powerful stage. The gradient, red color scheme represents the constant dedication, love and passion that is necessary when chasing your dream. I picked the AM95 as it was the first Air Max that mixed a sportswear upper with a performance midsole, establishing running shoes as stylish. 


Nike Air Force 1 High: Purpose


The Air Force 1 High “Purpose” is inspired by the phoenix as it burns to ash. The use of black represents the strength within one’s purpose and the commitment to let go of distractions in order to move forward, like the the phoenix rising. I picked the Air Force 1 High as it was introduced as a performance basketball shoe, but is now primarily a style staple - mixing function with fashion.


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