Megan Harris

Model and Multimedia Artist - Harlem, New York

I am a model and multimedia artist from Sacramento, California currently living in Harlem, New York. My artwork is mostly comprised of drawings, paintings and graphic design. Nothing inspires me more than traveling, spending time with other creatives and exploring nature. I started modeling & taking my art seriously when I was in high school after my parents strongly encouraged me to turn my passions into my profession.

My sneaker collection celebrates the strength of women and highlights some issues that affect women everywhere, but haven’t been talked about so openly until recently.  Where silence and shame once lingered, a new outlook is taking root and action is taking place.  Women everywhere have been changing the game: politically, socially, economically and they are fearlessly reclaiming their power, one day at a time.


Nike Air Max 95: WELLNESS


Women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and cultures have experienced mental health issues.  Many times these issues were either not addressed or treated, therefore leaving a large amount of women without a safe space or any resolve for their inner turmoil.  Last year, decided to openly share her own experiences with depression and after seeing the responses, she launched @sadgirlsclub : a judgement-free zone for young women to gather, exchange experiences and work to tear down the stigma surrounding women’s mental health.


Nike Air Max 2017: COURAGE


Today, women are breaking their silence and revolutionizing society.  Movements like #MeToo have surfaced, inspiring women all over the world to have the courage to speak up and share stories that they may have previously been too afraid to talk about, for fear that they would be marginalized. Movements like this are so important because they remind us all that we are not alone and that we all have a responsibility to transform our society; no one deserves to experience violence or feel devalued simply because of their gender. As women continue to shine light on hard truths, men are now prompted to confront the effects of “toxic masculinity”. The end of silence leads to a brighter future for ALL.


Nike Air Force 1 High: EQUALITY


It’s 2018 and while there is still much work to be done, this year brings forth a great wave of hopefulness regarding women in politics.  During last year’s Women’s March, we all witnessed women from everywhere standing up for equality on all fronts.  I myself felt overcome with joy and strength as I walked through the New York City streets, in a sea of women and men who were all there to defend their rights and the rights of their loved ones.  Women are now running for office at extremely high rates, restructuring their communities and telling the truth: loud and proud.


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