Maja Dlugolecki

Artist, Portland

I’m a visual designer and painter from Portland, Oregon. I received my degree in Graphic Design from Portland State University and currently work for various lifestyle brands. My art practice draws on experiences and impressions from my own life through an abstract lens. I realize my work in layers to create movement through striking color.


Nike Air Max Zero: Canvas


Canvas is inspired by the adrenaline rush I feel when I lay the first stroke of paint on a fresh canvas. This shoe represents the beauty of the challenges through this process, and the opportunity to forge our lives in any way we can imagine it to be. 20% of the proceeds from this shoe will be donated to The Beat Within, a non-profit that conducts writing and conversation workshops in juvenile detention facilities across the country. You can learn more about volunteering opportunities and other avenues to get involved at



Nike Air Force 1 Low: Dreamer


The Dreamer pays homage to the individual who leads their life beyond the boundaries of 9-5. To the ones who wake up at the crack of dawn, or burn the midnight oil to ensure that every obsessive detail is meticulously executed. To the ones who challenge the rigid bounds that society has placed upon us, because we want to set our own standards of what it means to be successful and find happiness. This timeless silhouette is dedicated to the dreamers that do.
20% of the proceeds from this shoe will be donated to Vibe PDX, a local non-profit dedicated to providing art and music instruction to students regardless of economic means. Vibe PDX's partner schools are primarily schools with over 50% of the student population living at or below the poverty line. Students they serve do not have outside resources available to them to access art and music opportunities on their own. Vibe PDX brings quality art and music education to students regardless of background, economic situation, race, religion or anything else.


Nike Air Max LD Zero: Voda


The Voda is inspired by the parallels of water and life. My work is created in the moment; derived from waves of emotion and expressed through swells of pigment on canvas. I paint layers of brush strokes to capture experiences and create a blueprint for that stage in my life. Our lives are abstract, as we are complex beings and intricate weavings of our experiences. Like water, we are ever evolving, shaping into new forms and phases of life. 

20% of the proceeds from this shoe will be donated to The Nature Conservancy, specifically towards the conservation and protection of coral reefs. The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. They operate more than 100 marine conservation projects, and their efforts have impacted over 70 countries globally.