Krystian Lorenzana

Designer, Los Angeles, CA.

I am a clothing designer based in Los Angeles, California. My upbringing as a military brat, moving from country to country as a kid, exposed me to different cultures but I always looked at Nike shoes as a reminder of American culture while I was overseas.


Nike Air Max 1 Essential: Liberty


Taken from the term used to describe a soldier's or sailor's time off, this shoe is an homage to the community that helped shaped my diverse understanding of the world. I've always wanted to give back to that community in some way, so a portion of proceeds will go to the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, which provides assistance to retired and active duty sailors, Marines and their families.


Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit: The Worm


Growing up away from the states, I needed something that helped keep me anchored to American culture. That anchor was the NBA, and Dennis Rodman was my favorite player. I appreciate how audacious and over-the-top he was. His willingness to do the dirty work and play tough was always fun to watch. He's proof that you don't always have to score to contribute to a winning formula - sometimes it's that one rebound or defensive stop that can be the difference between a win or a loss.


Nike Air Max 1 Essential: Under Construction


One of the best things about traveling is seeing a city again after many years. In Italy, new buildings stand next to centuries-old ruins. In Japan, futuristic skyscrapers overlook gardens constructed from age-old natural materials. Seeing the progression of a city is one of my favorite things about travel; there is constant construction happening around the world. No matter where you go, things are always under construction. Appreciate the beauty of building the building, not just the building itself. 


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