Kneil Melicano

Design Director And Illustrator, New York City

Kneil Melicano is a Design Director and illustrator, living and working in NYC. He got into drawing and design at an early age by painting reject pots in their backyard at their family-owned pottery business. His designs are influenced by color, type, pop, art, and internet culture.  


Nike Air Force 1 Low Essential: Just Live


‘Just Live’ is my everyday mantra. “Forever is composed of nows” said Emily Dickinson. Sometimes we get so busy watching out for what's ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are — at that very moment, place, or hour. As cliche as it sounds, if we can learn to live each moment to the fullest with high regards to a healthy body and mind, it would resonate forever in our lives.


Nike Air Presto: EXIST / EXITS


Inspired by losing someone by distance. It can be someone really close to you; a friend; or a lover. Life is full of unexpected exits. So we make a run for it. How we choose to run and exist to live by these defining moments is what would make a difference. 


Nike Roshe One Essential: IDGAF/IDGAD


IDGAF/IDGAD is inspired by my time in Greece where the only things that mattered was the sun hitting my skin, the cool of the water that soaked down my soul, and the love of my life who chose to stay. Never apologetic for my decisions, but always grateful for the time that were.


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