Keni Thomas

Graphic Designer/ Art Director, Philadelphia, PA.

I am an hyper-active creative mind from Philadelphia. Working as a Graphic Designer/ Art Director by day and as a super powered, prolific illustrator by night, I merge many subjects and concepts together in my work creating a form of Pop-Surrealism dotted with political, environmental and social references. It is not uncommon for me to push unrelated forms and visual puns together to show the absurd, preposterous and comical nature of my thought process. 


Nike Air Force 1 Low Essential: The Ruler


Hot 80's summers, hearing the boom-bap of cars going by with "Children's Story" on full-blast. Look down; these are your kicks in this Slick Rick fueled dream.


Nike Air Force 1 Low Essential: The Danger


Badabing-badaboom! Embrace your inner villain in these Doom-inspired Air Force 1's. Don't just feel the danger, wear the Danger.


Nike Air Force 1 Low Essential: The Truth


Be fresher than an infant as you stunt like a star in these Mos Def inspired kicks. Feel free to shine your 8th Light bright as you represent The Truth. 


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