Sneaker-lab FAQ


Q. What is Sneakerlab?

A. Sneakerlab is a small group of passionate designers, technologists and sneaker freaks who are always looking for new ways to make shoes more personal and meaningful. We specialize in bringing new technologies to life in the sneaker market, leveraging our 50+ years of experience in footwear, fashion and technology.

Q. What is Sneakerlab’s relationship with Nike?

A. We’re partnering with Nike to offer interested creators access to customizable versions of their top-selling shoes.

Q. How do I become a Sneakerlab designer?

A. We welcome anyone with an interest in sneakers and a great story to tell to join the Sneakerlab family. Our next round is coming soon, and we’re taking applications right now. Just enter your email address and Instagram handle to apply. It also helps us shape the next round of Sneakerlab if you fill out the optional information after entering your details.  

Q. How will I know if I’ve been accepted into the next round of Sneakerlab?

A. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be reaching out by email to create a shortlist of designers to be part of the next Sneakerlab. Keep an eye out for your invitation by email.

Q. What are the criteria for becoming a Sneakerlab designer?

A. We’re not just looking for designers - we’re looking for people with something to say. Successful Sneakerlab collections have been inspired by art, music, nature and social causes. What will your collection say? If you’re not sure whether Sneakerlab is right for you, our credo might help:

Some of us see what "is" and imagine what could be.
We see white and wonder in color.
We see the same and want to make it different.
We see it right-side-up and turn it upside-down.
We tinker. We alter. We chop, screw, and cut.
Here is where we worship the work in progress.
It's an exercise in imperfection.
An ever-growing experiment.
Welcome to the Lab.

Q. Can I take part in Sneakerlab if I’m not in the USA?

A. Currently, Sneakerlab can only ship products within the US. In the future, we’ll be expanding globally, so if you’re interested it’s worth signing up so we can let you know when you are able to take part.

Q. How much time will being a Sneakerlab creator take?

A. You can take as much or as little time as you want. Designing your collection is fairly simple, and shouldn’t take more than a few hours per shoe. Promoting and sharing your collection could take longer, depending on how much effort you want to put it. We recommend posting to your favorite social channels at least once a day.

Q. How much will I get paid?

A. You’ll make percentage of the total sale price of each shoe you sell. 

Q. How and when will I get paid?

A. You’ll receive a check from Sneakerlab for your total earnings once the on-sale period is done. We’ll give you more details when invitations go out to creators.

Q. Can I donate all or part of my proceeds to charity?

A. Yes, you can. We’ll still send the check to you, but what you do with the money is up to you.


Q. What is the Sneakerlab privacy policy?

A. Our privacy policy can be found here.

Q. What are the Sneakerlab terms and conditions?

A. Our terms and conditions can be found here

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