About Sneaker-lab


Where sneakers meet science

Sneaker-lab is a small group of designers, technologists, and sneaker freaks who are always looking for new ways to experiment and make shoes more meaningful. We bring new technologies to life in the sneaker world, using our 50+ years of experience in footwear, fashion and technology.


Interested in becoming a creator?

Some of us see what "is" and imagine what could be.
We see white and wonder in color.
We see the same and want to make it different.
We see it right-side-up and turn it upside-down.
We tinker. We alter. We chop, screw, and cut.
Here is where we worship the work in progress.
It's an exercise in imperfection.
An ever-growing experiment.
Welcome to the 'Lab.

Sorry, we are no longer accepting new creator applications at this time. Please check back again soon.